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TICBALI is a long and trusted service since 2007. Since Covid-19 hit Bali at end of March 2020, TICBALI transformed the services from Holiday Booking Services only, into Bali Care Packages and Bali Online Shopping.
1. Online Shopping provides many Bali items that are well missed by you and before we send item to your home we always make sure the item is correct following your order.
2. Care Packages are available also to provide support for the needy elderly and also to support your nominated friends. 

TICBALI commenced operation on 4 July 2007 by young Balinese Entrepreneur Putu Ria Agus Wirawan,SE   (nick name Putu) . He start his own business since he was 21 years old. Along this 13 years TICBALI has grown to a fully fledged company, offering very competitive rates for all you need in Bali. Putu is still very hands on in the company and has  office located in Legian Kuta Badung Bali, his team work is extremely knowledgeable for all your need in Bali. TICBALI well-known as Bali's most recommended agency with negotiable and reasonable price for accommodation & holiday activities and now TICBALI offer you a great website with automatic worldwide air shipment's calculation to your home to support people in Bali at this uncertain situation.

Thank you for supporting us in Bali at this uncertain situation. Our website orders mean a lot to us, with your support you can help keep Bali thriving through suppliers, staff and their families. Thank you for always trust our services since 2007.

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